None of This Belongs to Me, Undoing Hours, Pebble Swing, and The East Side of it All featured in Poetry in Transit

Several Nightwood Editions authors featured in 2022/23 Poetry in Transit Program announced by the Association of Book Publishers of BC

The Association of Book Publishers of BC (ABPBC) has announced the 2022/23 Poetry in Transit Program featuring several Nightwood Editions authors. Now celebrating its 26th year, this community-engagement project, made possible through a partnership with TransLink and BC Transit, is an opportunity to showcase BC’s regional poets. This year, for the first time, the poetry selections have also been paired with the work of local photographers sourced through an Instagram photo competition led by TransLink. The 2022/23 Poetry in Transit featured poets and books are:

The East Side of it All, written from the perspective of a drug user and single-room occupant in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, explores the ongoing process of healing through reconnection with family, the natural world and traditional Indigenous (Kwantlen) storytelling. The East Side of It All is the journey of a broken man who finally accepts his storytelling gift and shares with the world his misery, joy and laughter. 

Undoing Hours considers the various ways we undo, inherit, reclaim and (re)learn. Boan’s poems emphasize sound and breath. They tell stories of meeting family, of experiencing love and heartbreak, and of learning new ways to express and understand the world around her through nêhiyawêwin.

Pebble Swing is about language and family histories. It is the author’s attempt to piece together the resonant aftermath of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which stole the life of her paternal grandmother. As an immigrant whose grasp of Mandarin is fading, Wang explores absences in her caesuras and fragmentation—that which is unspoken, but endures. 

None of This Belongs to Me plots a young woman’s coming of age in a time of environmental and socio-economic peril. Superimposing dreamscapes on realities, history on pop culture and everyday sorrows, this collection is a hymn for the broken-hearted, a plea for connection in the information age, and a call to question the ways in which we both nurture and harm one another and our environment.

The Poetry in Transit program is an opportunity to showcase the work of Canadian-published poets residing in BC through a collection of bus cards. the work of Canadian-published poets residing in BC. Poetry in Transit has been running since 1996, making it the longest-running poetry on transit program in Canada. To be eligible for the program, submitted poems must be written by writers who reside in BC and published in book form by a Canadian publisher