Emma Skagen appointed Publisher of Nightwood Editions

Emma Skagen appointed Publisher of Nightwood Editions

Nightwood Editions is thrilled to announce that Emma Skagen will be stepping into the role of Publisher effective July 4, 2022, replacing long-time Publisher Silas White. White will continue to balance his role as Nightwood’s President with the community and public service work he has pursued over the past 17 years.

Taking the helm of Nightwood shortly after he graduated from UBC in 2000, White turned the list into one of the most renowned small literary presses in Canada, establishing a reputation for leadership over the past 22 years in publishing Indigenous, other BIPOC, LGBTQ2 and other emerging and underrepresented voices. Nightwood books have earned countless award recognitions—but never at a greater rate than since Emma Skagen joined the fold two years ago.

A former bookseller, Emma is stepping into the role from her most recent position as Nightwood’s Managing Editor. After graduating from Dalhousie University with a BA in English literature, Emma completed her MA in English literature at the University of Victoria. She began working at Harbour Publishing through UVic’s arts co-op program as an editorial and production assistant, and was soon offered a permanent position. Since then, Emma has worked in-house and freelance for a variety of Canadian publishers.

“Nightwood has some wonderful momentum coming out of the pandemic with the recent award recognitions, higher sales levels and spectacular authors signing on to our upcoming list,” said White. “Recognizing and supporting Emma’s brilliant work and leadership is the best way for Nightwood to keep this going into the future. I look forward to seeing where she takes us next.”

Going back to its beginnings as the blewointment literary magazine started by bill bissett 60 years ago (1962), Nightwood Editions is one of the oldest literary publishers in Canada.